What is a DIY outdoor blind?

A DIY outdoor blind or screen is also custom made to the measurements of your outdoor space. The main difference being that the installation duties are left in your hands. We will pre-assemble the DIY outdoor blind or screen for you and leave it in a state ready for quick installation for your convenience.

Advantages and disadvantages of DIY outdoor blinds/screens

What are the advantages to a DIY outdoor blind?

Diy outdoor blinds are cheaper than our fully inclusive options as we do not need to send our intallation teams.
You have the freedom to install the blind at a time most convenient to you.

What are the disadvantages to a DIY outdoor blind

As we do not have full control over the installation of the blind the workmanship guarantee will be partially invalidated, although the anti-perishing guarantee is still valid.
You will require basic technical skills or the assistance of a handyman.