Why Canvas Awnings?

Canvas awnings provide protection from sun and rain. They are a compact and elegant shade solution that can work with almost any outdoor opening - windows, balconies, doorways etc. Canvas awnings are made with a light but strong aluminium frame with 100% pure acrylic canvas as the default canvas. This combination results in a product that will never rust, nor fade for up to 15 years, and is highly fungal and stain resistant. Fixed canvas awnings are well known for their extremely long lifespans, many in excess of 20 years.

What's the difference between retractable and fixed awnings?

All canvas awnings, fixed or retractable, can be used to effectively protect your outdoor area from the sun and rain. They each have their key differences however and come with their own strengths and weaknesses that you should take into consideration before deciding on which to purchase.

Fixed awnings

Fixed canvas awnings, as their name suggests, have no moving parts. They consist of an aluminium or steel frame that is covered with 100% pure acrylic canvas which is then permanently attached to a wall. This results in a very durable construction that can can withstand harsh weatherIt is important to note that refurbishment of hail damaged awnings is in most cases covered under your building insurance, so be sure to declare them.. Duramaster® Outdoor currently only supplies standard residential awnings for smaller areas such as windows and doorframes. Fixed canvas awnings have the longest lifespans of all our canvas products, usually only needing to be re-covered many years later due to exceptional hailstorms or accidents.


  • Increases value by adding to the aesthetics of your home

  • Built to be durable and long lasting

  • Can withstand harsh weather

  • Provide full protection from the weather 100% of the time


  • Can be difficult to maintain if installed at heights

  • Cannot be retracted, or their orientation changed

Retractable awnings

Retractable canvas awnings are similar to fixed awnings in the way they are attached to your wall, however they come with additional mechanisms that allow them to be deployed or retracted as the need arises. Pram awnings operate via a rope-and-pulley system, whilst drop-arm and fold-arm awnings are operated by manual crank-gear by default (may also be motorised). Retractable awnings provide the same level of protection as fixed awnings, although only while they are deployed. It is important to note however that due to moving parts they are less durable than their fixed counterparts so they cannot withstand stormy weather whilst deployed"Stormy weather" meaning storms, high winds or hail. Regular downpours will not damage the awning, and you must always retract them before a storm to prevent damage.


  • Increases value by adding to the aesthetics of your home

  • Can be retracted and deployed as needed

  • Always within reach for maintenance


  • Cannot withstand bad weather whilst deployed, must be retracted before storms

  • Must first be deployed for protection

  • Higher costs for installation and repair

What types of awnings are available?

Duramaster® Outdoor has 7 different types of awnings available (Fixed:) Wedge, Bow, Semi-bow, Dome, (Retractable:) Pram, Fold-arm and Drop-arm awnings. Which design you choose will depend largely on personal preference as there is not much difference in their functionality, the only functional difference being whether they are fixed or retractable.