What are the outdoor blinds / solar screens made from?

All our patio blinds and lapa blinds are made of the highest quality poly-acrylic ripstop and 100% acrylic canvasses available.
Our solar screens' default solar textile is the Dickson® Sunworker™ fabric, while we also offer SheerWeave® and Sunless™ amongst others.
We manufacture all of our products locally from our East Rand warehouse.

Do they come in a range of colours?

All our canvasses come in a wide range of colours from black to beige and everything in between. You can view available colors on our materials page, please note that these should only be used for reference as digital colors may have subtle differences from their true colors. Our sales consultant will be able to show you our full range of colour swatches upon request.

What are the most popular colours?

In our experience: Sand and Beige are the most popular colours for outdoor blinds, charcoal and bronze are most common for solar screens.

I own a playschool, can I have more than one single coloured blind?

Absolutely! We are able to mix and match up to four different coloured panels if need be.

Will the color fade in the sun?

All colors of outdoor textiles will eventually fade in the sun, although true outdoor textiles will take much longer before fading than non-UV-protected materials. The 100% acrylic canvas as an example can last over 15 years without any fading. Duramaster® only uses UV-resistant textiles to maximize their lifespan in the sun. Different colors are more resistant to fading, with lighter colors lasting longer and darker colours fading sooner. Black absorbs the most heat of any color and red will fade the soonest.

How do you close off the vertical sides of the screens and blinds?

If you want to fully enclose an outdoor area you can use either zipped drop blinds or sidetracked roller blinds, or opt for sidetracked solar screens as an alternative. Zipped outdoor blinds are the more popular option and DuraMaster® Outdoor uses high-quality double-slider YKK® zips, which are nickel-plated against rust and have the longest lifespans in outdoor applications.

What’s the difference between 100% pure acrylic canvas and acrylic blended canvas?

The Ripstop / RipBlock / Ribblock canvas is an abrasion and tear-resistant acrylic blended canvas that will not unravel if damaged. The acrylic blend gives it UV-resistant properties, resulting in a very tough canvas with a life span of 8-12 years, usage dependent. The 100% acrylic canvas we make use of is an internationally registered brand -Docril®- with a field-proven life span of 12-20 years. It is not resistant to unravelling, however it has a much greater UV-resistance and will last much longer without fading. Outdoor blinds made of the tougher poly-acrylic ripstop canvas will outlast outdoor blinds made of 100% acrylic canvas in high daily usage applications such as staff canteens etc. Outdoor blinds made of 100% acrylic canvas will outlast those made of poly-acrylic ripstop canvasses in situations of permanent deployment where the blinds are never rolled up.

There are three basic types of operating systems. Please explain the difference?

We give a full breakdown of each operating system on our operating systems page. Most of our clients choose the (1) rope-and-pulley operating system, since it is the most effective, economic, fastest and most widely used operating system in the industry. Thanks to its roll-down nature it can be used with all types of side closures, when applied to outdoor blinds, and will accommodate all kinds of structures, angled or level. The (2) manual crank-gear system may use less force to raise or lower, however, since it is much slower it ultimately uses more energy during operation than the pulley system. The rolling action of the canvas over a tube above in roller blinds lends itself to less creases in the blinds and screens. All our roller blinds may be (3) motorised.

Do the blinds come with a guarantee?

We offer a 2 year workmanship guarantee on all our products, and a 4 year guarantee on our Ripstop / RipBlock canvas and our UV-stabilised clear pvc. A 5 year anti-perishing guarantee applies to our 100% acrylic canvasses and solar textiles.

Are the blinds all weather-proof?

With the correct application in mind, we guarantee that our products will withstand all harsh weather conditions including wind, rain, cold, and harsh sun. In addition it will protect you and your family as well, making sure you will be able to enjoy your outdoor areas all year round.

Do you charge for a quotation?

We offer a FREE, no obligation, on-site quote to customers in most of Gauteng, including Pretoria, Midrand, Centurion, Johannesburg. A nominal call out fee is charged for quotes in the The Vaal Triangle, Hartebeesport Dam and surrounding areas which is redeemable upon an accepted quotation. Our consultants will travel to other further outlying areas too, where a nominal call out fee is applicable.